Now that summer is coming to end (hopefully), it is time to head to the beach. Yeah someday I hope to chuckle when I reread this. It is just too darn hot to go the beach in the dead of summer for us. The sun is intense, the heat index is at least a million, and the breezes are nill to none.

So oh happy day. With little man’s skin rashes pretty much gone we have fallen in love with the beach. Feels like vacation if we didn’t live here. A manatee was within 5 feet of us, crabs on the bottom, snook hanging out, and rocks to jump off and slide from. Sweetpea has even begun to take her floaty off and practice swimming on her own.

Not to worry though by noon we are headed home fair skin or not, the Florida sun is no place to be after 12. Just like staying out past midnight…..nothing but trouble can be found. Hahahaha when will we even be near staying up to 12 again?? 🙂

Something about the Florida sunshine anda bit of a tan that lingers after. Feeling good. IMG_7361 IMG_7363 IMG_7369 IMG_7335 IMG_7353


Impossible! Ellie and Calvin are always at least one step ahead. Or asking me to do one thing ahead of wha I’m doing. “Momma momma momma…..”

September equals the (hopeful) end of summer. In SW Florida everyday seems like summer but lets hop ethe humidity flies south for the fall AND winter this year eh?

In hopes of keeping up with the times here is a list of our summer. Someday I will read it and weep 🙂

* Daddy graduated seminary

*We saw our first theater movie together “Epic” Cal fell asleep on my chest!

*We made it the mountains 2X so far this year

*Lost of last of the fabulous 4….CiCi. We rescued Bahnsen from the SPCA

*Ellie goes pee pee on the potty all the time (still working on poo poo)

*Ellie is beginning to read

*Calvy is seriously chit chatting. He will be singing in November for his 2nd birthday!

*Ellie trying swimming without her swimmies

*Ellie navigates our phones and the laptop with ease

*Ellie is into her gymnastics

*Ellie picked out her very own baby kitty cat “Ruby Chop”

*We had a litter of bunnies and HAVE found homes for them all including momma and daddy bunny 😉 whew!

*Ellie turned 4!

*After a crash we now have a rockin’ mini van

*We have gotten Calvy’s food allergies narrowed waaaay down. Honey is a key factor in helping him

*Calvy spent 2 days in the hospital for a scary large infected lymph node. 😦

I will most likely come back and add as I remember things. I am a little forgetful due PREGNANCY!! We just passed the 3 month mark and are thankful for good health and growth so far 🙂


Picture 1248 Picture 1286 Picture 1292 Picture 1298 Picture 1305


Summer 2013

Its a beauty. This summer that is. We are on the go nonstop and Sweetpea and Calvy are bonding as siblings. Ellie likes to teach and discipline! Ha. They often be found cating around and around our house together on the scooter or jumping on the beds. Yep…..we are a family that jumps on beds. And slides down them when mattress propped up.  The beach, water park, and pool are favorite. Ellie is slowly getting out of swimmies and Cal is just fearless of anything.

We viewed our first movie and it was fabulous. Cal fell asleep on my chest and it could not have been more perfect. Epic was title and it will go down as an epic event for me! It was first times in a loooong time I have been in a theater and Ellie just sat with a huge grin on her face. LOVE.

We are know cruising in a mini van and it rocks. Literally. Dual dvd players for the babies and I can actually hear tunes for the first time in years! (our Altima, although still nice, had seen better speaker days by far) Thanks to a crash that sent it to the car heap we now have room to groove and no longer have to squish in. Praise God for timing…..and for no injuries.

We lost our last dog of 4 to old age and a unique aggressive growth. CiCi made it a long time before her final day. What a reflection on the past. We had not been 12 years without a dog in our home and those years were full! She, JJ, Lexi,  and Shaggy will forever be the fab 4. Bahnsen……he has helped soften the sadness…..a 3 month old black (mostly) lab/ rotty mix. He is as sweet as sweet gets and is CRAZY. A lover of us all and has already found a fondness for us all (4 cats, 2 babies, and 2 loving masters!) Life is grand.

The hubs has completed his masters degree and FOREVER done with that! Yippy. As we await the Lord’s direction we are enjoying more relaxed evenings, fuller weekends, and just plain living.  Wonder where we will be? hmmmmm

Until then, the family is growing and we are hopeful of what the future holds us.

The end of hives and rashes for the little guy did not happen as quickly as we thought. Not only is our little Calvy allergic to dairy, you can add nuts, soy, wheat, eggs…..yep EVERYTHING. Poor booger. We visited a slew of MD’s to gain our knowledge from a simple blood draw. Lets pray he is in the percentile of outgrowing it.

Meanwhile life is in full swing…literally. If we had a chandy Cal could reach, he would be swinging! Ellie Sweetpea is still that sweet and cuddly…..most of the time 😉

Life in full!





Story to  come….

A New Year

We still go out and see the moon and stars but things are a bit different! Calvin is eager to get down and lose himself on anything or anywhere and Ellie likes to lay on the neighbor’s driveway and look up into the sky. She almost always invites one of us and we do our best to oblige as we keep one eye and one firm grip on the little guy 😉 Bootsy kitty still joins us when she hears us and it is business as usual.

Speaking of usual,  here in SW Florida it is  humid hot beachy and skeetery. Life doesn’t get any better right?! Oh yes it can! As native Floridians we long for a change someday. Here is what Ellie and I talk about while driving…….snow, picking black berries in Georgia, horses, snow, chickens, cold weather, Texas, Virginia, snow, moving…..snow…haha. I tell her we will see what the Lord has in store for us. She loved picking berries at our vacation cabin last June and we dream of and talk of it almost daily.

Meanwhile, the little guy is not as little anymore. He is up and at it every waking moment. Climbing on chairs, bikes, stools, into cabinets, beds……YES! Oh my what a fellow he is. His legs walked on him around the 12 month mark and he could not be happier. We call him jokey smurf or happy Gilmore or just Cal, he likes that. And as a bruiser he is, he is just as much a lover. He hugs, does the smoochy sound and loves his daddy, mommy, and Ellie so much. He demonstrates by giving us love taps. Make that hits! Yep he is such a boy. Walking around the house smashing and grabbing or banging things 🙂

Ellie still sleeps up to 2 hours a day and Cal is keeping his 2 a days for the most part. Ellie is holding onto her pull ups still and uses the potty when coaxed by chocolate coins:) Never thought I would be a negotiator. But here I am….”Ellie darling, use the potty and you can have a chocolate coin.” Ok Momma is her response. I grin thinking of the viral responses I could get if this blog was mainstream public! Everyone has the answer right??!! I used to have them too until I had two babies of my own 🙂 We all work out our own challenges in due time right??……Ellie I am certain will not be wearing pull ups at 10. 9 yes ,but not 10. heh heh we will laugh someday reading this.

As I get to know my new PC(thanks C and G) I shall add pics of the pips.

“Moon stars, moon stars!”

That is where we go right before nite nites. Outside to see the moon and stars. Ellie runs around while Calvin hangs in my arms for a little while longer. Not long until the little guy is walking.

Bootsy Kitty comes and visits while we look up at the night sky and Ellie gives her treats from the bag. It is awesome to see the adventure in her eyes and hear in the voice the excitement every night as we head out for just a brief time. Times like these are ones that are engrained and will last a lifetime.

It has been some time since I have written. Schedules have evened out and as we float past Cal’s first birthday I imagine my energy level will keep increasing! They both are such fun even through the rough patches. Being a family of 4 is pretty darn cool.



Jungle Gardens

Our first visit. FUN!!!!!